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Dr. Kup & Peters PartG mbB
Tax Consultants
Taxation · Valuation · Consultation

Nassauerallee 62
47533 Kleve

Phone: +49 2821/975130
Fax: +49 2821/66633
Email: info(at)

Branch Office

Blumenplatz 2
47574 Goch

Phone: +49 2823/9763080
Fax: +49 2823/9763160

Partnership register number: Amtsgericht Essen PR 2256

Authorised representatives

Dr. Alexander Kup, Tax Advisor
Karina Peters, Tax Advisor

Responsible for content: StB/FBIStR Dr. Alexander Kup
VAT identification number: DE 269955298

Registration / supervisory authority for tax advisors:
Steuerberaterkammer Düsseldorf
Grafenberger Allee 98
40237 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211/66906-0
Fax: +49 211/66906-600
Email: mail(at)

Professional designation: Tax Advisor

The legal professional designation Tax Advisor was acquired in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Legal basis

The profession of Tax Advisors is essentially subject to the below mentioned professional regulations:

  • Steuerberatungsgesetz (StBerG)
  • Verordnung zur Durchführung der Vorschriften über Steuerberater, Steuerbevollmächtigte und Steuerberatungsgesellschaften (DVStB)
  • Satzung über die Rechte und Pflichten bei der Ausübung der Berufe der Steuerberater und der Steuerbevollmächtigten (BOStB)
  • Vergütungsverordnung für Steuerberater, Steuerbevollmächtigte und Steuerberatungsgesellschaften (StBVV)

The professional regulations can be viewed on the homepage of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants:

Professional indemnity insurance

The legally prescribed professional indemnity insurance for tax advisors is kept by the HDI Versicherung AG, HDI-Platz 1, 30659 Hannover, Germany.
Area of applicability: Federal Republic of Germany.

Due to the tax consulting law tax advisors are required to maintain a professional indemnity insurance with a minimum coverage of € 250,000. The details are contained in § 67 StBerG i.V.m. §§ 51 ff. DVStB.

Jurisdiction and Contract Law

The law system of the Federal Republic of Germany shall be deemed to be agreed for all legal relationships between the parties.
Jurisdiction for all matters is 47533 Kleve, Federal Republic of Germany, unless another jurisdiction is mandatory in accordance with German laws.

Extrajudicial dispute settlement procedures in tax matters

At request, the appropriate Chamber of Tax Consultants, pursuant to § 76 para. 2 No.3 StBerG, can conduct a conciliation procedure in case of disputes between accountant and client.
For more information contact the appropriate Chamber of Tax Consultants.


The fee for tax advisor services is based on the ordinance on Steuerberatergebührenverordnung (StBVV). According to §11 StBVV the actual fee depends on the circumstances of each case.
If the tax advisor provides additional services which are not regulated by the StBVV, he may charge a reasonable fee as defined by §§ 612 para.2, 632 para.2 BGB.

General Terms and Conditions

For all services the “General Terms and Conditions for Tax Consultants and Tax Advisory Companies”, as current amended are understood as agreed.

Information according to the Consumers’ Dispute Settlement Act: There is no obligation and no willingness to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before an arbitration board.


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